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Proof that it’s possible to ship large, pinned beetles safely!

Those who have followed this blog for awhile know that I’ve been on a bit of a rant during the past few months about the way pinned insect specimens are packed and shipped. This has been prompted primarily by the receipt of several … Continue reading

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Receiving a shipment of insects for identification…

…is like Christmas all over again! The sight of a newly delivered box sitting outside my office brings on a rush of excitement. The sight of an enormous box is even more exciting. I know what’s inside is gonna be good, … Continue reading

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ID Correction: Megaloxantha bicolor palawanica

In a few previous posts (here and here), I used a particularly large jewel beetle specimen as a subject to test several different flash diffusers I was working on. I chose that particular specimen because of its large size (necessitating … Continue reading

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How to pack and ship pinned insect specimens

Even though I don’t work in a museum, sending and receiving pinned insects is a routine activity for me. As a collector of beetles with some expertise in their identification, I’ve had opportunity to exchange with or provide IDs to … Continue reading

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Another happy customer!

I see that Delbert La Rue at Crooked Beak Workshop has received my package and is happy with its contents! Copyright © Ted C. MacRae 2013

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Let’s make a deal!

I recently conducted a complete reorganization of the jewel beetles (superfamily Buprestoidea) in my collection (TCMC). The primary purpose of this was to bring the nomenclature and arrangement of the collection into agreement with the recently published World Catalogue of … Continue reading

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Beautiful box of Buprestidae

I’ve been working on identifying Buprestidae accumulated from a variety of sources over the past year—mostly exchanges and gifts, before beginning the processing specimens collected during this past season. Once identified, and combined with specimens gleaned from material submitted by … Continue reading

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